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Coefficient of determination (R^2^) of the model (in Spanish) ![](409tbl3) We developed a model that predicts whether a supervisor will be satisfied or dissatisfied if a worker is allowed to interact with the supervisor, as shown in [Table 4](#T4){ref-type="table"}. We were able to build a model using a control variable that assesses the relationship between supervisor and worker. The R^2^ of the model was 0.44, which represents a medium effect size ([@B22]). We built another model, which showed an R^2^ of 0.58, a large effect size. In this model, we used the following predictors: *daily interaction with the supervisor*, *communication with the supervisor* (at least daily), *relationship with the supervisor* (best possible relationship), *increase in performance level*, *less demotivating communication*, *no demotivating communication*, and *less critical communication* (all at least once a week). Final predictive model (in Spanish) ![](409tbl4) Worker satisfaction and

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